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Autosol Metal Polish 750 ml
€ 29.90 Ex Tax: € 24.71

With the Autosol Metal Polishing Paste with abrasive you will get virtually all metals (including st..

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Pickling Agent
€ 15.95 Ex Tax: € 13.18

Removes blue and brown discolouration of stainless steel welds quickly and safely. This Pickling Age..

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Air-borne Rust Remover
€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

Highly concentrated cleaner for removing surface rust / fly rust from all painted and glass surfaces..

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Marine Shine 750 ml
€ 33.95 Ex Tax: € 28.06

Powerful polishing agent with abrasive for weathered polyester and corroded metal. Extremely suitabl..

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Metal Wash
€ 26.95 Ex Tax: € 22.27

Heavy-duty industrial parts cleaner, powder cleaner and degreaser. Unique ability to remove heavy hy..

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A99 Industrial Cleaner 1L
€ 11.75 Ex Tax: € 9.71

Multi-cleaner for all alkali-resistant surfaces.The extremely strong cleaning power of this alkaline..

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Mould Cleaner
€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

Efficient degreasing and cleaning of metal, plastic and glass and other non-absorbent surfaces. This..

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